Teddy/Bowser ✦16+ ✦ Digital Artist
✦ Pfp credit Bubblybloo.official on Insta

Commission Prices

Here are commission prices!
If purchasing with DA Pts
( $1 = 100 pts)


Base Edit$25$30


EmotesPer4 Emotes5 Emotes6 Emotes

Any old Emotes by me can be redone for $10-12!

Customs/Reference Sheets

1 sided comes with a shaded headshot on ref
2 sided comes with slight shaded chibi on refPrices can increase due to character complexity

1 sided$30$40$45
2 sided$45$50$55
Custom on base( tit-ka’s base )MLP
1 sided$10+
2 sided$25+
Reference SheetsMLPFeral/Anthro
1 sided$25$30
2 sided$30$35


1 character$60
2 characters$80
3 characters$100
4 characters$100-130


Added character+$10
Rush Fee$15
Character Complexity$5-10


Here are Art examples!
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⚠️ By reading this TOS, Design TOS and Blacklist you are agreeing to this terms of what will happen if you fail to abide by the Terms Of Service and Blacklist. ⚠️

Terms Of Service

✦By reading this TOS of mine, you have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations. Not doing so will lead you into being on my blacklist. As it is mandatory to read this TOS, I will not hear any excuses unless it is on my behalf of the situation.✦Please ask to use my art for commercial use.
Though feel free to use my art for pfp, banners, or anything in that range!
✦Please do not put my art and/or adopts on hoodies, t-shirts or plan to sell my art as merchandise, prints etc! All my artwork is copyrighted to me. MY ART WILL NOT BE USED FOR PROFIT !!✦Please do not upload my art anywhere on AI sites or NFT usage! That makes me uncomfortable and I do not support any of them. Doing so will put you on my blacklist immediately.✦I have every right to post the art I have made you on my instagram profile as an example of my art or to share. Unless you ask to not to share.✦When receiving any art from me you are to refrain from copying, tracing, editing, adopting, heavily reference, repost, reclaim etc my art. If shown doing so that will automatically be given a warning of being on my blacklist for a suited given time.✦Other people are not able to edit my art for you, adjust my art in anyway etc. And you are not to change/edit my art either.✦Please refrain from Copying stealing etc my blacklist and Blacklist message✦When receiving a custom and/or an adopt from me, you are to sell it for the original price you got it for. Unless it comes with extra things such as art, physical items, etc.✦You are not to use any piece or form of my art for commercial use unless you ask and have been given permission.✦I have all rights to decline a commission if I feel I cannot draw it or if I'm uncomfortable with the requested commission!✦If you are buying a design, art etc from me I only do payment holds for 3-4 days! I can expand this time if I am doing an agreed payment plan with you!✦Regarding people on my blacklist, they are not to receive any designs and/or art by me. Users are not able to buy designs and/or art for the blacklisted people. If doing so they will also be blacklisted.✦I will not draw NSFW art as I'm uncomfortable with it.✦My turnaround time for commissions varies on what is being ordered. At most my turnaround time can go up to 2 months. But that's due to me having an outside life out of commissions.✦When I send a wip of the sketch stage and/or lineart stage, that is the only time you'll be able to make changes. Any changes after those stages will charge you more.✦My art cannot be used for AI and any NFT usage.


✦My Designs cannot be sold a higher worth unless it has an addon such as art, writing, etc!✦When buying a design you cannot buy them to profit off of them. Such as buying them to resell them !! That's a no for me. Please own the design for atleast a week - 7 days.✦Redesigns are okay! Just please credit me for the OG design!✦Always credit me as the designer!✦Please refrain from sending any of my designs to anyone on my blacklist! Doing so will get on my blacklist and unable to receive any forms of art or designs from me!✦ please do not input my designs into nft or ai usage

Payment Policy

✦Regarding payment policies, here it contains information about refunds, half payments, and payment plans. And any Edits cost.✦I will only go forward with a full refund if I haven't started the commission yet.✦I do Payments after the sketch is shown! Or before sketch!✦Refunds are only applicable when I have not sent you a sketch/started your commission! Or if I cannot complete said commission.✦I do payment plans such as paying me over a certain amount of time to reach the total of the payment you owe me. For example, buying a character from me and paying certain amounts to reach the total of the character✦I take DA Points. DA Points are converted 100=$1✦Payments are also made via paypal, cashapp, venmo, Ko-Fi or Boosty✦When converting other currency to USD please make sure it’s converted correctly✦When a piece of art is finished and you want something changed it will cost. So please make sure to correct me if anything is wrong when I send wips!